Restorative Dentistry

Frisco Restorative DentistryRestorative dentistry includes any dental procedure that restores the appearance of your teeth or the health of your teeth, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns. Even if you do take proper care of your teeth, your teeth can still suffer from decay or damage. If you do have cavities, a damaged tooth, or if you lost a tooth, delaying treatment can make your circumstances more painful as well as more expensive. Dr. Neal and his Frisco dental team wants to help you find the best solution to repair your teeth as quickly as possible, both to help you cut costs and restore your smile to its former brilliance. Some of our restorative services include dental fillings, dental crowns, root canals, dentures, and dental implants. Since the the secondary goal of restorative dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile, all of Dr. Neal's restorative services are treated like cosmetic dentistry services. So you can feel confident that after any restorative procedure, your smile will be beautiful and appear natural as well as be healthy.

Dental Fillings

Years past, dentists used dark, silver-like fillings (amalgams) to fill in the holes left in teeth after a cavity has been removed. Not only were these not attractive, but they had the tendency to break down over time, allowing for new cavities to form underneath the amalgam. Most dentists have strayed from this type of filling practice, and this includes Dr. Neal. Dr. Neal only uses tooth-colored composite fillings, because not only do they look more natural, but they're actually stronger and safer, too. If you have any of the old amalgam fillings, talk to Dr. Neal about replacing them with the composite fillings.

Dental Crowns

In cases where dental fillings are not enough to repair the damage from tooth decay, a dental crown may be needed. All crowns are custom made to fit to the unique mold of your teeth, thereby ensuring that your current bite is maintained. Crowns have to be sent off to be made, but while you are waiting for your permanent one, Dr. Neal will fit you with a temporary crown.

Root Canals

Whether we’ve had a root canal procedure or not, we’ve all heard of it and we all cringe a little at the thought of it. However, very few of those not in the dental profession knows what goes into a root canal, which can make the process seem far scarier than it really is. Our teeth have canals that run through them and contain the nerves. Since these canals are open at the bottom of the roots of our teeth, they are at constant risk for infection. If the canals do become infected, the infection can spread inside the teeth and grow to be very, very painful. The only way to cure this infection is with a root canal procedure. Most root canals only take one to two visits (plus follow-up visits) to complete, but it could require additional visits if the damage is severe. The recovery time also varies depending upon the extent of the damage and the number of teeth involved. If the root canal was performed on just one tooth, then prepare for three to seven days of soreness and tenderness. Of course, if the infection was severe in just one tooth, the recovery time will be a little longer. For certain candidates, we also offer a pulp-capping alternative to root canals.


None of us want to lose our teeth, and if we do happen to lose a few, the last thing we want is for everyone to know. Dental implants can replace one or two teeth, but if you're missing far more than that, then dentures are the only way to go. Dentures are basically false teeth. They are custom fit for your mouth for an optimal fit and feel while biting, talking, etc. Occasionally, implants are needed in addition to the dentures to help hold them in place. Dr. Neal also offers partial dentures, including flexible partials that are very comfortable to wear in comparison to traditional dentures.