Dental Emergencies

Dental PainDental emergencies never occur at a convenient time. These can include knocked out teeth, chipped teeth, teeth damaged by blunt trauma (such as falling and hitting something with your tooth), and sudden, excruciating toothaches. If you injure your teeth, the first step--and possibly the hardest--is to stay calm and think clearly. If you knocked a tooth out, try to find the tooth, and if you can find it, only hold it by the tip. If the root is dirty, rinse it clean with water. Do not physically remove anything you see on the root; doing so could irreparably damage the root. The best course of action is to try to push the tooth back into its place, but storing it in milk, your saliva, or warm salt water will preserve it as well. Once your missing tooth is secure, call us immediately. Even if you don't have a knocked out tooth, you can take other appropriate measures to help the situation, such as applying a cold compress or taking anti-inflammatory medication. Once all measures are taken, always, always make calling us be the last step. We will most definitely want you to come in as soon as possible, and this is mainly because the sooner you obtain professional dental care, the less expensive your overall dental costs can be. For instance, delayed treatment of a traumatized tooth can require extraction and a dental implant instead of simply repairing or bonding the tooth. Any dental pain that lasts longer than a few minutes or comes-and-goes repeatedly could be a sign of something wrong that needs immediate attention. Remember that fixing problems early can reduct the risk of expensive dental treatments in the future. No matter how insignificant you think your situation is, it's always safest to let a dentist make that final diagnosis.